ACC 486 Grand Canyon Week 4 Complete Work


ACC 486 Grand Canyon Week 4 Discussion

Find a journal article online about managing or analyzing long-term debt-paying ability (solvency). In the subject line of your post, include the name of the article that you read. Post a link to that article with your initial post, and provide a summary (approximately 250 words) and a reaction (approximately 150 words) to the article. The summary should describe the major points of the article, and the reaction should demonstrate your interpretation of the article and how you can apply that knowledge. Do not choose an article that one of your classmates has already posted on. To participate in follow-up discussion, choose one of the articles that a classmate has posted on, more info and provide your own reaction to it. All posts should be grammatically correct and proofread for spelling.

ACC 486 Grand Canyon Week 4 Assignment


1) Complete Problem 7-10and Case 7-4 in the Gibson text using Excel. (Label all work.)

2) APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

ACC 486 Grand Canyon Week ACC 486 4 Complete Work

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